woensdag 6 april 2011


Yes I blog now 2... I would like to show some of the pics I have taken. So .. I like concerts, games events or being anywhere where things happen and take  pictures for people to see it happend, or whatever...
Anyway, last friday I was suposed 2 be @ my friends birthday party (sorry @J_lem ), but before I went I had 2 C #relax @ #patronaat. To see an old friend perform.
There warming up the crowd were @perneau. doing there thing in front of obvious friends and admirers alike.
Maybe its me but they were more fun to shoot than #Relax was. A more dynamic group. Musicians were free to roam. Not as confined as the ones of #Relax seemed. Dont get me wrong #Relax ruled and the solos were asome and terriffic shots, but group dynamics are hard to capture that way.
I should have shot more of #pereau !


1 opmerking:

  1. Hoi michael,
    Ik ga er voor zorgen dat je foto's worden geplaatst met een blog-post van Steven, de zanger.

    Marijn Groenewoud,
    art-director Perneau